Portfolio Companies

Anvato is the first company that effectively applies cutting-edge computer machine vision to content protection and contextual advertising. Anvato enables content publishers to track and monetize their content via advertising while enabling advertisers to deliver better targeted messages and engage users by leveraging video context.

Anvato’s patent-pending technology, Perceptual Signature™, uses machine vision to extract knowledge about objects, scenes and visual cues from videos.

Founded in 2007, Anvato is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.

RF Nano Corporation develops carbon nanotube devices. Founded in 2005 and based in Orange County, CA, тhe company is now rapidly commercializing ground-breaking technology developed at UC Irvine. The company’s extremely robust carbon nanotube devices will revolutionize radio frequency, analog, and mixed signal electronics and will change the way we manipulate and process real world signals.

Founded in 2005, RF Nano is based in Orange County, CA.

EnerTech Environmental, Inc. is one of the top 50 leading environmental and green technology companies in North America. The company provides answers to the problems of traditional waste management methods and simultaneously creates renewable energy.

EnerTech’s patented SlurryCarb™ process cleanly and economically converts biosolids (sewage sludge) and other high moisture wastes into a high-grade, renewable fuel, with significant cost savings over alternative methods. The SlurryCarb™ process has received the 2008 Global Frost & Sullivan Green Excellence Award of the Year. In addition, EnerTech was named to the 2009 GoingGreen East 50 Top Private Companies List, and was listed by AlwaysOn in GoingGreen Top 100 for 2007 and 2008. The company currently holds multiple U.S. and international patents for a number of combustion and high pressure technologies, including the SlurryCarb process.

Other investors in EnerTech include Citi Sustainable Development Investments (SDI) and Masdar Clean Tech Fund which is a $250m fund made-up of commitments from: Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, Consensus Business Group, Credit Suisse and Siemens AG. The technology is slated to be part of Masdar City in Abu Dhabi.

EnerTech’s corporate headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

iMove is the leading provider of immersive visual solutions for mission-critical security and surveillance applications. iMove’s solutions deliver higher resolution visual information and expanded situational awareness using automated features to dramatically enhance mission performance while reducing cost and complexity. iMove’s solutions are deployed at home and abroad for the prevention of potentially catastrophic incidents associated with critical infrastructure and for national security and special operation forces mission planning and training systems.

EARTH plans to deliver an innovative technology and patent-pending process to produce a biomass fuel source that addresses the shortcomings of other biomass production methods. The process has been derived from the founders’ significant experience in the nuclear energy industry, and specifically re-purposing super-compaction technology used in the processing of non-fuel radioactive waste. The company’s patent-pending process and technology:

  • Employs proven and commercially available methods and equipment;
  • Increases the net energy value of Bio-Fuel by more than 50 percent as compared to non-processed “wet” biomass;
  • Increases the density of Bio-fuel by more than 11 times, greatly reducing transportation costs;
  • Reduces the alkalinity by more 50 percent (alkalines greatly increase the maintenance of and reduce the useful life of power plant boilers and are a main reason most utilities do not utilize biomass for power generation); and
  • Successfully and economically produces ‘sale-able’ solid bio-fuel from biomass that can supplant coal.

Make a Mind Co, Inc., founded in 2009, acts as an incubator and commercialization vehicle for cognitive computing and brain science research projects carried out at leading universities such as MIT, Harvard, Oxford, Sorbonne, and others. It works on novel approaches to artificial intelligence / artificial consciousness, cognitive modeling and brain science with a goal to create a new generation of intelligent machines. These technologies will allow a wide variety of products, such as cognitive enhancers, brain disorder diagnostics and treatment, advanced human-machine interfaces. Since its beginnings the company has focused on building a strong intellectual property portfolio by internal R&D efforts and partnerships with research institutions. The company’s strategy is developing a dedicated brain technology innovation incubator, and attracting additional third party funding to sponsor a series of startups working in the company’s areas of interest. The incubator will support fledging startups with funding and intellectual property licensing.

The Solar Array Ventures (SAVe) team has extensive experience in photovoltaic (PV) technology commercialization, high-volume PV manufacturing, PV systems design and integration, as well as product and project development. The company’s broad knowledge of the entire solar power value-chain is a key differentiator. SAVe is solution oriented and technology agnostic, and focuses on delivering the most appropriate and cost-effective combination of technology and system solutions to partners and end-customers, including:

  • Balance of Systems (BOS) integration and optimization for utility-scale, commercial and building-integrated PV (BIPV) solar applications
  • Crystalline PV manufacturing and technology commercialization: from silicon, wafers, cells to completed module, system installation and maintenance
  • Thin-film PV manufacturing and technology commercialization, including LEAN factory design/build and operational excellence

Wireless World Net, Inc. (WWN) is an intellectual property company, developing wireless solutions to connect everyone, every device, everywhere by intelligent engineering focused on optimizing existing infrastructure. WWN focuses on self-configuring ad hoc communication mesh networks, and last-mile solutions for remote areas and populations, and localized content and services. The company was incorporated in August 2006 and has has been active in developing and protecting intellectual property, with current IP portfolio including several provisional and two granted patents in wireless communications area.